(Hallo) Privacy Policy _ Ver2.3

Mobile ‘Hallo’ Privacy Policy

We at Kweather Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’) will handle all user information concerned with the Company’s Hallo service and all its related services (hereinafter referred to collectively as the ‘Service’) in accordance with the following.


■ Acquired Information and Scope of Use

The Company shall use and acquire user information in the following ways:

Ο User Information

When creating a new account will be used for the following aims and purposes:

1) The user’s will be acquired in order to confirm the identity of the user and prevent any unauthorized use of the Service.

2) In order to carry-over an existing Service account onto another device, or to use the features which allow users to access the same Service account on multiple devices (hereinafter referred to as ‘Multi-device function’), the users will need to register an email address and to configure a password. Email addresses and passwords registered for the purpose of using the Multi-device function will be used for identification purposes as well as to prevent any unauthorized use of the Service.

Such information mentioned in the above sections cannot be seen by other users. Also, users can choose whether to submit such information. While submission is optional, if users decide not to provide such information, they may not be able to enjoy all or parts of the Service offered. When a Service account is deleted, the Company shall delete all such user information in accordance with company regulations.


– Other User Information

To allow users to use the Service as smoothly as possible, and to promote effortless communication between users, users may be asked to register additional details such as profile information. (Service display names, profile photos, messages etc.) Furthermore, other users within the service can view profile and other information (in the form of text, videos, photos etc.) which the users themselves have registered or posted with the aim of sharing with other users. While submission is optional, if users decide not to provide such information, they may not be able to enjoy all or parts of the Service offered.

– User Contact Information

The Company acquires user information including email address and OS type etc., to help establish the user’s identity, for examination into reported problems and to provide an appropriate response to those inquiries.

Ο Use of the Service

– Location Information

Some of the Services may use location information transmitted from users’ mobile phones/devices. The Company only uses such information within the scope that is necessary in order to provide the designated service. When users have not allowed their location information to be sent via the settings menu on their devices, location information will not be sent.


■ Purpose of User Information

Regarding the scope of usage, if usage rules and limitations have already been determined upon collection of a particular set of user information, as is the case concerning the use of phone-book data, the information concerned shall only be used in accordance with the scope of that particular function. For all other cases, the Company shall use the acquired personal information for the following purposes listed below:

  • to prevent any unauthorized/fraudulent use of the Service
  • to offer smooth Service to users
  • to conduct research and analysis aimed at reviewing and improving Services
  • to enable the Company to deal effectively with user inquiries
  • to provide information regarding the Service etc., as well as advertising information from our partner businesses
  • to provide new future developments regarding the Service
  • to perform identity checks when a user makes an inquiry etc.


■ Provision of Information

The Company will never provide user information to any third parties except under the following circumstances:

  • when the user personally agrees to such provisions in advance
  • when the law requires the Company to do so
  • when the Company finds sufficient enough reasons to believe that the user is violating the Terms of Service and the Company is forced to disclose the user’s personal information in order to protect the Company’s rights, properties, and/or services


■ User Rights

Users may, at any time, confirm or correct their registered personal information such as email address and/or password on the Service. Users can also delete their accounts.

Users may, through the procedures determined by the Company, send the Company a request for the disclosure of personal information which the users cannot confirm/access via the Service. The Company, in turn shall disclose such information except under the following conditions:

  • when the disclosure is likely to harm the life, body, property or other rights or interests of the user or any other third party
  • when the disclosure is likely to severely interfere with the Company’s proper operation

After the disclosure, users may, through the procedures determined by the Company, send the Company a request to correct, add or delete the user’s personal information, if the users find personal information registered with the Company to be incorrect. Under such circumstances, the Company shall swiftly investigate the request to achieve the desired user intention and correct, add or delete the personal information on the basis of the Company’s findings.


■Withdrawal from Our Services


Upon withdrawing from our Services, when a user account is deleted, all user information will be disposed of in the correct manner in accordance with the law and Company regulations.


■ Modifications to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised periodically. Users will be notified of important changes in a recognizable manner.


■ Inquiries

If users have any uncertainty about this Privacy Policy or questions, complaints, or comments on the handling of personal information related to the Service, users are able to contact us via E-mail mobile@kweather.co.kr


This Privacy Policy has been created on 28 June 2013.



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